How To Beat Online Poker Machines

If you haven’t figured it out yet, here goes. You cannot beat a pokie machine, period. But – there is always a but – there are some guidelines we can share with you which will certainly help you to come out of the game with a score or two. Pokie games are always set up, so the house wins. There are no magic wands, spells, good luck charms or secret strategies which will ensure a jackpot every single time. Still, you should keep reading if you want to find out a little bit more about a few ways to enjoy the game a little better, but without rash, unwise decisions. And who knows? Lady luck just might smile upon you and fill up your pockets with some cash.

Stay calm

Top tip. 100%. Keep your emotions under control and do not let them take over, not at any moment. People driven by emotions are presents for the casinos. They prey on people who do not think with their heads. Keep your cool and winning the jackpot is a step closer.

Keep a tight budget

Limit your ante and stick to it. Set a maximum amount of money you want to invest in a pokie game and do not step over the line. In the end, if you reach the amount you set as the top limit, just leave. Do not go straight to the ATM, just keep heading home. There is always a new day.

Choose the right game

Think of what you want, what your strategy will be. Do you want to go straight to the top, for the grand prize, the jackpot? Then progressive pokies are the answer. These games reach the highest jackpots in the game, progressive jackpots. If you are a man of slightly lesser ambition and you want to play for the smaller amounts if luck goes your way? Then non-progressive pokies are for you. They have lower bets per spin and, with maximum bets, you can qualify even for the progressive jackpot. If you decide to bet below the maximum, you cannot participate in the progressive jackpot pool. Your money just keeps filling up the pool.

strategyIf pokies are meant to be a fun way to spend a few hours for you, then stretch your budget and play the low ball strategy. Bet little and minimize any potential loss. This way, your money will go a long way, and you can enjoy the game for longer. Eventually, when you get a hit and make some money, you can raise your bets.


Forget it. The inevitability of chance rules of the game of pokies. Your job is to understand that there is no winning strategy, no idea that will reveal the next combination and not a method to influence the outcome of the spin. As we said, forget about the strategies and schemes. Take care of your budget and spend your money wisely.